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Communication & Political Strategies


“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” — Lena Horne

The foundation for vocal and visual representation of the black women leadership council the communication & political strategy committees work side by side to transcribe and distribute the mission, messages, and agenda of BWLC. 

Our committee is a direct response to the tension that currently exist in the social, political and economic environment for African Americans in the United States.

The Communication & Political Strategies Committees work together to disseminate information to our communities and specifically black women about elections, laws, and policies that will effect our children, families and our way of life.   

Our fight is to bring awareness and advocacy to combat recent reversals in voting rights; institutional violence through unrestrained police power, a judicial system that fails to provide equal protection under the law, and economic system that marginalized and relegates people of color to smallest slice of the economic pie.

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