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            Black Women’s Leadership Council’s

         General Election Candidate Ballot

                     November 7th, 2023



Superior Court JILL BECK [102]

Superior Court JUDGE TIMIKIA LANE [103]


Commonwealth Court JUDGE MATT WOLFE [104]


Judge of the Court of Common Pleas

Citywide (Vote for not more than 13)


NATASHA TAYLOR-SMITH (Democratic) [105]


TAMIKA WASHINGTON (Democratic) [106]


SAMANTHA WILLIAMS (Democratic) [107]


KAY YU (Democratic) [108]


JOHN PADOVA (Democratic) [109]


CHESLEY LIGHTSEY (Democratic) [110]


BRIAN MCLAUGHLIN (Democratic) [111]


DAMARIS GARCIA (Democratic) [112]


CAROLINE TURNER (Democratic) [113]


JESSICA R BROWN (Democratic) [114]


JAMES J EISENHOWER (Democratic) [115]


ELVIN ROSS (Democratic) [116]


RAJ SANDHER (Democratic) [117]

Mayor:                   Cherelle Parker


Sheriff:                   Rochelle Bilal


City Controller:      Christy Brady


City Council At Large


Katherine Gilmore Richardson


Isaiah Thomas


Nina Ahmad


Jim Harrity


Rue Landau


Working Families Party


Kendra Brooks


1st District -           Mark Squilla


2nd District-           Kenyatta Johnson


3rd District-            Jamie Gauthier


4th District-            Curtis Jones


5th District-            Jeffery Young Jr.


6th District-            Mike Driscoll


7th District-            Quetcy Lozada


8th District-            Cindy Bass


9th District-             Anthony Phillips

Philadelphia Judicial Retention

Court of Common Pleas


Hon. Judge Jacqueline Allen


Hon. Judge Giovanni Campbell


Hon. Judge Timika Lane


Hon. Judge Sierra Street


Hon. Judge Nina Wright Padilla


Hon. Judge Paula Patrick




Philadelphia Municipal Court Retention


Hon. Judge Marissa Brumbach


Hon. Judge Karen Simmons


Hon. Judge Marvin Williams

Garage Door Texture

Lov'N My curves: a spectacular showcase of empowerment and style

queesn size mag.jpg

Lov’n My Curves Executive Team (left to right): Vakeycha Rogers (VP of Talent of Culture), Dr. Marquita Williams (CEO & Founder) and Nicole Connell (VP of Operations) 

Images shot by Philip Drew, Photos By PDrew   Queen Size Magazine Accessed 10-4-2023

Black women's leadership council


cherelle parker


mayor of philadelphia.

cherelle, bwlc has your back!!
Cherelle Parker pic- We've Got Her Back.png
Jalen Hurts Letter to Black Women.png
bwlc stock 7.jpg

Black Women's Leadership Council 

Creating Opportunities, Friendships and Seats at the Table  

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